Here at Celebrity Limousine, we solved that problem years ago. We created maanagement systems with checks and balances that help our management monitor every chauffeur from the moment they leave our office to the moment that arrive in your area. All our chaufferus must pass our chauffeur school, Celebrity Chauffeur, the ONLY Chauffeur School in America. We guarantee you that if your limousine rental is one minute late, we will give you a gift certificate in the amount of your full reservation FREE. This offer is only valid if it is in writing on your contract as " Client has our ON TIME of FREE guarantee." This guarantee has a very high liability and is not valid on every single reservation. We mostly offer it on our Airport runs and Weddings. If you would like this guarantee on your reservation the process is simple. Just ask for it. Remember, no verbal agreements are allowed with any member of our staff so if you were promised this guarante, make sure it is in writing on your contract so it will be properly enforced.